Parenting Hacks

  1. Outdoor bag – Have a bag packed next to the door with sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses and hats for those “spur of the moment” excursions in the park!
  2. Activity bag – Have a bag with crayons, coloring books, books and a few small toys for when you need to occupy your child at church, a meeting, the license bureau or other place in which you need to keep them quiet and calm.
  3. Hat basket – Keep a basket or bin near the door for your kids to place their mittens and hats in during the winter months.  This keeps them from spreading throughout the house and allows them to access so they can dress themselves.
  4. Blow out birthday candles with a balloon pump – If your child’s birthday falls during cold and flu season, then you’ve probably experienced a party in which the birthday child blew out their candles and then came down sick just after the party was over… causing you to contact all of your guests to make sure they take necessary health precautions.  Avoid the health risks and let them safely blow out their candles with a balloon pump!  They find it funny anyway!
  5. Travel mailbox – If parents travel often for work, have a little mailbox with envelopes for each member of the family inside.  This allows parents to put notes inside for the kids to read while they are gone.  It also lets children write letters or draw pictures for their parents that can be opened when upon their return.